Homo semioticus

Homo semioticus...

Homo Semioticus is understood the world, aware of what was happening, under, above, and around by observing sign systems. For a Homo Semioticus, whole life is actually a reading adventure; This is the study of life long meaning-making.

At the beginning of my freshman years I was amazed by the interconnectedness of theatre; it encompasses art, world history, psychology, sociology, antropology, politics, mythology, religion, communication and much more. There is always lots of information to collect, learn, integrate, digest and then forget to create new meanings. In this context as a writer and dramaturg, my natural attitude is like that.

The role we play in this collective art is not only what we write. The word “text” means “weave” before its current mean as “printed manuscript”. We may say that there is no non-textual representation. The representation of text is “drama-ergon (the work of actions)” which is dramaturgy. In this context, the dramaturgy is concerned with each stage of the demonstration. Dramatic writing and dramaturgy is a very free but canonical activity. While analyzing or producing a dramatic art piece, we should foresee an integrity on one side and diversity on the other side. Especially if we consider in a dramatic structure, a text refers to a lot of other things than what it says at the linguistic level, it is necessary to work like an engineer on the articulation of both horizontal and vertical dimensions of syntax, meaning components and fiction.