Children's Theatre

Plays for young audiance...

As a playwright who writes for young audience and committed to interdisciplinary studies, I believe studying pedagogical and children development researches, as my responsibility. I am investing my time on reading, studying to learn from professionals like John Bowlby,  Mary Ainsworth, Aletha Jauch Solter, Carol Stock Kranowitz etc.

My works on Children’s Theatre are humoresque.  I also like to challenge stereotypes, and encourage young audience for individuality. I mostly inspire from ancient Turkic mythological characters in my plays for young audience. Turkic myths are animistic, accordingly the plays are mostly related to the nature. 

  • Yeni Bir Masal ( Brand new fairy tale - Children Play ) 2016
  • Bir Kurt Hikayesi ( A Wolf Story - Children Play) 2016
  • Küçük Yalan Büyük Dolan (Tiny Lie A Huge Mess - Children Play ) 2016
  • Basu ve Sihirli Heykel (Basu and Magic Statue - Children Play) 2014
  • Ezi’nin Pasta Savaşı (Ezi’s Cake Fight - Children Play) 2014