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I believe that in the current sociopolitical climate, it is more important than ever to engage audience in dialogue that is as culturally diverse as possible. One my research is on an interdisciplinary subject; “Identity” and “The Other” Issue and reflexions to personification in fiction and characterization in theatre plays. I attempt to openly address issues of race, gender, politics,, religion, etc., in my plays when relevant. I passionately believe that, by revealing human nature the role of theatre arts have the same power to change the society. I am continually challenging myself as a playwright to reflect what is happening around the world. I have several other works on progress. 


 I have numerous of works on dramaturgy in a large scale of plays  for stage productions; classical to modern, from Balkan countries, Russia, United States, Europe and Turkey. My works include opera dramaturgy as well. 

  • Medea - Maria Luigi Cherubini and  Hoffmann 
  • Le Nozze di Figaro- Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Ponte
  • Machbeth - Guiseppe Verdi and Piave 
  • Othello - Guiseppe Verdi and Boito 
  • Faust - Charles Francois Gounod,  Carre and  Barbier 
  • Romeo and Juliet - Gounod
  • Tosca - Giacomo Puccinni and Giacosa 
  • Electra - Richard Strauss and Hoffmannstall