Freedom is what you do with what’s been done to you.
Jean Paul Sartre

Trauma effects large scale of the society and literally rewires the brain. So it often leaves us with mental or physical problems. Trauma studies are personally important for me in my journey. Unfortunately I witness that trauma is commonly misunderstand and mistreat in professional care. I should mention that I able to make a full recovery from PTSD with the approach of Dr. Bessel van der Kolk and Trauma Centers' studies. I personally experience what it means trauma informed care and proper support to trauma survivors. 

Trauma lodges in the body, so as a teacher working on movement and creativity I found out that understanding trauma makes a big difference in my practices. Since 2008 I am studying on psychological trauma, especially on interpersonal trauma. I am translating articles, researches and attending to trainings. I convinced that basic training in the biology, anatomy, and physiology of trauma phenomena should be a mandatory part of movement teaching. Without an understanding of how the body itself is altered by trauma, teachers and carers may be unintentionally doing harm.

I provide trauma informed educational workshops to professionals across the fields and also provide workshops for public awareness: 

  • Trauma Studies & Interoceptive Yoga Turkey

  • Trauma Informed Movement & Yoga

  • Trauma studies for performing artists

  • Trauma Informed care

  • Care for Careers

  • Trauma Informed movement practices & acting

  • Trauma Informed parenting

  • Trauma Informed schools