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YogART & YogACT  is a holistic movement training which focused on ancient practices and movement theories in actors training. This work helps to recognize the full movement potential of the body, to recognize the socio-cultural effects that restrict the body's mobility and psychomotor development, and to improve the ability to liberate them.

The body has of great importance in performing arts. My studies are aimed to unite the mind body division formed over the years and reminding or even revealing the whole body function of the innate body of mind.
Being aware of the senses which can be described as the transformation of emotions into creative action in the body and mind. The intellectual, emotional, physical impulse becomes clear and becomes more traceable. So it is important for the artist to establish a non-coincidental connection to reveal who s/he is. The workshop will be on following focuses and exercises to improve them:

  • Science behind breathing: knowledge of emotional state in nervous system
  • Sensory input skills and interoception
  • Space / balance and momentum discovery
  • Relaxation, stretching, coordination skills
  • Deep muscle strengthening 
  • Proprioseptive awareness and kinesthetic awareness (ability to monitor all nerves of the body)
  • Building up artists self yoga practices and various ancient meditation & mindfullness  practices
  • Artist's katharsis 

Original creativity begins with the artist's self-definition. Yoga practices offers a tool for this search and definition. Artist as a researcher attitude, searching within the body for liberation. The most important point in this training is to create a model for participants to continue their practice in everyday and artistic life, based on the scientific bases of yoga.